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Worm Moon…Really?

Worm moon ?? I had to hear that again. Well that’s apparently what the Farmer’s Almanac calls it. Tomorrow night it will be the Full Moon and tomorrow the Vernal Equinox. It’s official Spring is finally here and things are happening that I never thought of. Today is one of two days of the year the sun rose due East and will set due West. Almost equal hours of daylight and night

Apparently this is when worms are waking up. Wow I never knew worms hibernate and not once did I wonder or worry what was happening to them during our cold rainy winter. I do know I like to see worms in my garden. They are great for digging up the soil. Then there is “When the worm turns” …thank you Shakespeare. Truthfully I just don’t think about worms.

You can’t ignore Spring …signs are everywhere. I was looking at some branches and realized the Green of new leaves were poking through. It really does feel like the world is waking up. With all our rain we are having a super bloom of wild flowers… I have always heard you don’t see the change of seasons in San Diego. Well you sure do this year and I can see the season just changed.

The worms are busy breaking up the soil. Our gardens will be great…The gardners have been keeping my weeds/grass nicely trimmed. Looks like a pretty lawn. No brown Southern California just a glorious Spring.

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