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Saskatchewan…The prairies

I have only been there once but, I have known of it all my life. My father was born there. He was 16 before he immigrated to the US. My aunts, uncles and grandparents grew up and happily lived there.

So when I saw it in a news article it immediately got my attention. The largest and oldest T-rex ever found is almost ready for display. His name is Scotty. The name came from the celebratory bottle of Scotch consumed when he was first discovered by the paleontologists.Oh man…that sounds so Canadian. Scotty is 13 metres long and lived in prehistoric Saskatchewan 66 million years ago. They think he was about 30 years old when he died. Scotty’s skeleton was jumbled and as they said,”The leg bones weren’t connected to the hip bone.” What an amazing chore.

It is just hitting the news now but, it was actually discovered in 1991. Why was it kept a secret so long? It turns out the task of digging him out was monumental. He was buried in sandstone and it was as if he was buried in cement.

As you know kids love dinosaurs and there is no dinosaur more popular than the T-rex. What an exciting find. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum will open the display in May.

I bet there were several bottles of Scotch over the years(of course in honor of his name).What incredible care and patience it took to complete this task. I am proud of those Canadians from the University of Alberta. It was discovered in the Saskatchewan Grasslands National Park 28 years ago.

It just so happens I might be traveling there this May. I hope my dates match because I would love to see Scotty the T-Rex.

You know what I think, being Canadian is fun. All kinds of new adventures. Such an exciting country.

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