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Another National Day

I heard that today is National Waffle Day. Well who would want to miss that day. Sometimes when I am thinking about breakfast a waffle sounds good. One thing I love about a waffle is the challenge to fill the little squares with butter and syrup. It is already quartered and I can cut it in fourths and share it easily.

I don’t like to cook and I rarely make things for myself but, a waffle is a possibility. I am pretty good with my box of Bisquick and my waffle iron. Every Christmas morning that is a for sure. Most of the time there is a box of frozen waffles in my freezer. Right now they are Blueberry Protein Packed Power Waffles. 12 grams of protein…yum! This the first time I bought them and I was surprised how good they taste.

Not too long ago I found the cutest little waffle iron…it was perfect for me. I couldn’t resist buying it. So sometimes for fun I make the cutest little waffles. My last out to breakfast I ordered waffles…one Belgium waffle. They are really cool with big squares to fill with butter and syrup. The truth is I can’t eat it that way anymore but, I do love them.

So I was debating what to have on National Waffle Day. I think I’ll go for the Power Waffles …they really smell good. Cute little waffles another day. On this special occasion I don’t have to decide what is for breakfast …it is already decided. Happy Waffle Day!

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