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Great Mexican Restaurants

Stopping by and enjoying wonderful food at one of our local Mexican restaurants is an automatic. Great places to meet friends and hang out. Beautiful outdoor patios and a wonderful way to relax. The best Margaritas everywhere in San Diego (one of my favorite drinks) truthfully, rarely do I imbibe.

Yesterday I was running around doing errands when I realized I was hungry. I happened to be right next to Old Town. I knew I wanted some of that Mexican food. I drove through Old Town a fun place for residents and tourists.

It is Spring Break and the weather is great so many people out enjoying Old Town. Fascinating San Diego history in Old Town. I was watching people exploring the old cemetery right next to the road. Interestingly the road actually is over a couple of the gravesites. Drove right past an officially registered and one the best known haunted houses, The Whaley House. I have had fun taking students there and telling them ghost stories. Kids have such great imaginations they are almost always certain they see someone in the windows.

I had no plans. I ended up at one of my favorite restaurants, The Guadalajara Grill. I just loved sitting out on the patio looking at that huge old pepper tree and enjoying some yummy food.

It reminded me of my Canadian friends and relatives that also love this restaurant. My Canadians go nuts over our San Diego Mexican food. Well I understand because I have accidentally ordered Mexican food in Canada. Big mistake is just not the same.

So once again I had to think of something I enjoy regularly and take for granted. Happy to share Old Town and our great restaurants. They are a special part of our town.

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