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I’m So Gullible

I always expect people to tell me the truth. So I automatically believe them. That can be a handicap especially on April Fool’s Day. I am afraid it is easy to fool me. Sometimes I remember what day it is and I brace myself. Then I forget and away they go with the stories that I eat up as absolutely true.

The media people are particularly good with April Fool’s stories and I have believed them more than once. Then the realization hits …that is a pretty crazy story and it is April Fool’s Day. The embarrassing part is that I may have passed that crazy story on…oh no!

April Fool’s Day is particularly fun around little kids. They try so hard to think of something to say to fool you and I try so hard to pretend I believe them so they can yell…”April Fool’s”. For classroom teachers it is a series of jokes and pretending to believe.

How did this crazy holiday start? Possibly in France when there was an entire calendar system change. In 1582 the Europeans switched from using the Julian calendar and started using the Gregorian calendar. People who were slow to get the word still celebrated New Years Day on April first as dictated by the Julian Calendar. So they were the butt of jokes and called April Fool’s. Just a possible theory. Can you imagine such a change …and we complain about an hour forward or back around daylight saving time.

I am ready …I know it is April Fool’s Day and I won’t be gullible …I hope.! BTW there’s a note stuck to your back that says “kick me.”

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