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Cougars in BC

Last summer Gordon and I took a little trip North and into the interior of Vancouver Island. We stayed in a town called Lake Cowichan. We were hoping to see some of the wild life specifically cougars and bears.

Before we left I bought the various suggested gear to scare them away and protect ourselves when we saw them. We looked everywhere but not one did we see. We heard people talking about incidences and the town sign has a cougar sitting on top of it. We had a great time but were a little disappointed we didn’t see any cougars. The truth was I was a little bit scared but excited at the same time. When we got back to town I returned what I could to the store.

We went hiking in a little park right in the middle of a group of great houses. Signs were around about Cougars and we actually heard a rumor that one had been sighted. When we got down the trail with lots of trees I heard shuffling and it made me nervous. I made Gordon retreat.

Well tonight I am reading about a 7 year old boy lucky to be alive. He was in Lake Cowichan BC when a cougar attacked him. His mother fought the cougar off and got the little boy out of the cougar’s mouth. There they were with all this drama with a cougar right where we had been looking. He is lucky to be alive and it was really amazing that his mother sprung into action and beat off that cougar. Maybe Gordon and I were lucky we didn’t see the cougar we were looking for. What were we thinking? Crazy tourists!

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