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My Mom’s Wacky Science

My mom was a funny lady. Some of the funniest things about her was what she would spout out as scientific fact. The ideas were so far from reality that you just had to stop in your tracks and say what? Then we all would look at each other and burst out laughing. Fortunately she was good natured and would say …well! The crazy part was what she had just said she actually thought was true. The fact that there was no logic to it just didn’t seem to matter.

Yesterday I found myself bursting out in laughter in the same way at the scientific facts coming out of our President’s mouth. Yee gads! My mom’s grandkids as they got older and realized her scientific thinking and also my husband loved to egg her on.

She was definitely famous for what she said and a major source of entertainment for us all. I don’t think my mother had studied much science and she was definitely raised on Scottish superstitions. I give credit to those superstitions as a source of some of her information. The rest I credit to a highly creative mind that figured life out in her own unique way.

The problem with being raised at my mother’s knee…as a young girl I bought that information. Oh dear…that means that I too would repeat those highly creative scientific facts. My husband would tease me and then say …”Think about it”…hmm I would realize it made no sense. As an adult I have learned a lot more real science and still have to guard against accidentally stating the “facts of my childhood.”

A few of my Mom’s grandchildren became scientists probably in self-defense. I taught a lot of science to little guys myself…hopefully never wacky science.

I have nothing but fondness for my Mom’s creative mind and the fun she brought to us by boldly stating facts. I love a good laugh and she always gave us that. The world according to my mom was a unique place to live…Good memories of a fun person!!

2 thoughts on “My Mom’s Wacky Science

  1. I wish I had known your mom. It sounds like she would have been a lot of fun

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    1. She was a kick …don’t forget there was the other side where she would loose her temper and shout you kids would make a preacher swear. She broke a wooden coat hanger over my behind. That caused her to loose her spanking privileges…my Dad would not allow. Not that I could possibly have done anything that would irritate her.

      Peggy Fleury

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