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Off to a Great Start

We flew in a Boeing 777…what a neat plane. It was huge. We were impressed when the crew started arriving 3 pilots and 12 stewardesses. That told us we were in for some good service.

The flight over to London was wonderful but still a killer for me. Sitting that long …10 hours is hard…I took everyone’s advice, drank orange juice, water got up and walked around. Put some compression leggings on …they felt good and then they didn’t afterawhile. OMG I did such a stupid thing in the middle of sleeping I felt like pulling them off…That’s hard with compression anything so I got them down to my ankles and left them and fell back to sleep. Yikes when I woke up they were cutting off circulation…got them off right away.

So when we booked our flight I didn’t know that there are actually 3 London airports. We knew about Gatwick because we flew into there last time and Heathrow because everyone knows that one. But in the middle of London is London City Airport. We flew into London but needed to catch a connecting flight to Glasgow…oops I booked that so we had to catch it at London City Airport.

Actually was a happy mistake. We had never toured London so we grabbed a taxi and enlisted Stuart the taxi cab driver to be our tour guide. He gave us a running narrative of life in London Brexit issues, growing up on the West End and he showed us the highlights of London. Harrods, The Ritz, London Tower Bridge,The London Tower, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, The Thames, beautiful museums. Told us about the various neighborhoods and how they are changing. It was an amazing way to get from one airport to the other. When I asked workers at Heathrow …they suggested the bus or the tube…no way. Gave Stuart a big hug and told him thanks for the great job. Oh ..also added a few extra pounds. Short flight to Glasgow and then would you believe … walk right across the street to the hotel. Super ready for bedtime hour. Looking forward to renting a car and taking off on our adventure.

2 thoughts on “Off to a Great Start

  1. The leggings story was very funny, but dangerous where you left them…… (bad, bad Peggy)

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    1. Actually scared myself when I woke up and realized what I had done. Crazy

      Peggy Fleury

      On Tue, Apr 9, 2019, 1:49 AM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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