San Diego life style

Balliemore farm Kilmichael Glassary

More than a hundred years ago this farm was the Mc Kellar farm. Today I met the Smith’s and this is their farm. Willie Smith was actually born on the farm. They are a wonderful couple and today they had their granddaughter Zoe with them because it is the school’s Easter break. It was so much fun to see the baby lambs but Catherine said a fox has already gotten three of them. Noo! Zoe has a pet lamb they keep inside the barn. Willie said when it was born it would fit in his hand …a runt. They have two neat Border Collie’s. The older one fell into a ditch and broke it’s back. The veterinarian wanted to put the dog down …they wouldn’t allow that. Now it looks quite normal. Apparently some Canadian McKellars have been to visit them. We are all related… my relatives were evicted and sent to Canada as a part of the clearing of the Glen. They wanted to ditch the tenant farmers and start raising sheep. What a really cool feeling to know you are in touch with your roots.

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