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Kilmory Oib

This is a deserted medieval village where my ancestors lived. Today we walked to it and through it. Stones that make the walls and opening for doors are clearly there. They were houses with thatched roofs so they are gone. There is a well and right next to it is a standing stone. The story is that the last lady living there put a standing stone next to the well. She wanted people to believe it was a sacred place so they would come and have a drink with her.

There are total of 17 places much in ruin. You can imagine living there in the middle of the Argyll forest. There was a sign that said the beaver are back. I heard that environmentalists encouraged their return. We didn’t see any or hear any tail whacking. It seems like it would be quite cold…I guess they built big fires for warmth. What a hardy group my relatives were.

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