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Family Stories

My great grandfather Alexander Clark and great grandmother Marion Jane Melrose got married June 19, 1885 at Caroline Park, Granston, Scotland. It was built in 1685 for the first Lord Tarbet. My great grandparents had many hardships they had two sets of twins that died from diseases. My great grandfather was a carriage painter. Unfortunately it was lead paint and eventually he became quite ill from lead poisoning. He was unable to support his family. My Granny Clark had to take different jobs to support the family.

One that we checked out was in the kitchen of Fettes College. We drove by it today. A beautiful old college. In my Granny’s day it was a boys boarding school. The story is that our family ate well because she was able to bring the left overs home to her family.

Another was when my Granny was young she loved to run along the Firth of Fourth(a river) to her Grandmother’s house where there was a candy store. Of course she loved visiting but she was after the candy.

Today part of the area has been filled in and is no longer right on the Bay. Beautiful big bay in Leith and it is where the Queen’s ship the Brittania is berthed.

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  1. Isn’t it interesting that their buildings stand for hundreds of years, while ours are lucky to make it 50 to 60 yrs.

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