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Family towns and addresses

We spent the night in the Borders region of Scotland. Southeast part…my grandfather is from Jedburgh. The border lads who bravely fought with “Jethart’s here” their cry. Still proudly declared by the current lads of the area as we heard in the pub.

Then in Gordon we took a tour of the Mellerstain Estate. A few of our Cook and Story family worked on the Estate. Our ancestry book tells us they worked for Lady Binning and Lord Haddington. There are current generation Lord and Lady still living there. The family name is Baillie but when it is their turn they inherit the titles.

The tour guide had been working there for 25 years and was quite knowledgeable. The lady of the house was ill and the floor in her bedroom was raised to allow her to look out the windows and enjoy the gardens. Our family lived on the Estate. This one actually had bath tubs. A small bathtub was carried upstairs when they wanted a bath. All the upper class owned land were in politics and all had one vote. There are gowns worn by Mary to Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. The tour guide said the place is haunted. She has personally experienced it.

Next we headed to Dalkeith…27 Croft St. I. peeked through the glass door. It was all hallway downstairs. All living on the two floors upstairs. A primary school was right across the street. The Clarks lived here. One of their addresses found in census.

Then into Southern Edinburgh to find Jock’s Lodge. All of my childhood I remember hearing that my Granny Clark my great grandmother was born in Jock’s Lodge. So we went on a Google maps quest to find it in Edinburgh. It is now a bar. The owners know the building is 300 years old and up to recently was called Jock’s Lodge. We decided to hang out here and have our lunch. Experience the atmosphere. I decided booze and music wasn’t a bad match for my Granny. Only thing missing were her lottery tickets.

Then we went looking for 21 George St..where my Grandmother Cook was born. Guess what …that is also now a bar. I noticed lots of bars around. Just fine for my grandparents.

3 thoughts on “Family towns and addresses

  1. Pretty cool history, right? I loved your pic’s, especially the next to the last one… Those door are beautiful, I want them. I am really please your are getting in so much culture and family history

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