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The Battle of Bannockburn.

There is a wonderful display and activity center on the site of this famous battle. Robert de Bruce led the Scots in a battle to defeat the English here. They corrected me when I called it a museum. They have no artifacts…It is a 3-D interactive experience. Lots of high tech interaction.You wear 3-D glasses while they teach you about the English and Scots …arrows shoot right past you and you watch some get hit and die. Around the wall are various characters that move with you and talk to you. Weapons …actual size are there for you to touch and get the idea of what they were like. Then the real cool thing for the modern kids they get to go in a room and fight the battle. Sides are chosen for the two kings Edward and Robert the Bruce. The rest of the team make moves and try to get to Stirling castle. They can choose to stay ..move somewhere or fight. They have to figure out the strategy and try to be victorious. Our session was quite exciting. The Scots almost won but, last minute the English won. There was the cutest little kid quite boldly making decisions and telling them what he wanted to do. Some of his team would suggest something else but he stood up for his choice. He cracked me up. He was on the winning team. Great teaching about the Battle of Bannochburn. Then walk out and see where they rested and where they fought…excellent experience.

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