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Stirling Castle

This castle has a long history also known as Snowdoun. It is associated with the Legendary King Arthur. The first Stirling castle dates from 1110, when King Alexander I dedicated a chapel there. During David I Stirling became a royal burgh, King William I formed deer park. Stirling was long a favored Royal residence. In 1296 Edward invaded Scotland ,..he found Stirling castle empty and began occupying it. They were kicked out by Andrew Moray and William Wallace kicked them out at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. The occupancy of English and Scotch went back and forth over time. The Battle of Bannockburn where the English were defeated took place within sight of this castle. The views from the top of the hill of Stirling are wonderful. The castle extremely old and often added onto is not visually appealing. It is special because of it’s history.

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