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The Falkirk Wheel

Yesterday we stopped to watch the Falkirk wheel boat lift. It is an incredible engineering feat …but I couldn’t help thinking why?? It is a rotating boat lift….The world’s only rotating boat lift connecting two canals…The Forth&Clyde and the Union canal. It opened in 2002 as part of the millenium project. It is clearly constructed to 21st century state-of-the-art engineering. It is pretty cool to watch. It lifts boats up 115 ft from the Union canal to the Forth&Cyde canal. I stayed to watch it lift a boat up and then later lift it back down. The wheel replaces a series of lock gates that had been demolished and replaced by housing. The Falkirk wheel re-establishes coast to coast navigation of the canals for the first time in 40 years. In the canal transfer you have to wait for the water to rise to exactly the right level before the boat can proceed…quite a challenge.What creativity and imagination it took to create.

2 thoughts on “The Falkirk Wheel

  1. I saw this on TV once. It is pretty incredible. It must have been great to see it live

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