San Diego life style

Jet Lag …It’s Crazy

I feel great … not groggy or draggy…just great. One problem though I keep waking up on Scotland time. That means at 2am in the morning I am wide awake. So I get up do some things eat a snack and then eventually go back to bed for a short nap. Then have a super day got lots done and get sleepy around 7pm. Not my usual bedtime.

I’m trying to figure out how to switch my internal clock. So yesterday had lots of fun went to breakfast with a friend shared pictures and details of my trip, came home did laundry and went grocery shopping. The trouble started when I sat down to watch tv. I guess the tv eventually turned off on it’s own. I woke up and the clock said 7:05 I looked outside and it was daylight. Yeah I was so happy I had finally slept through the night. So I called Gordon to wish him Happy Easter. He said, “Mom that’s not until tomorrow. ” Isn’t This Sunday? …No …not unless I just took a 12 hour nap. “Did you just wake up?” Yes! It is Saturday night not Sunday morning. Dang those am/pm things can really mess you up! We had a good laugh! So he called me at 7:06 this morning. Now it is Easter Mom…you called me 12 hours ago at this same time. Geez …so we went out to Easter morning breakfast. My plan today click into San Diego time. Happy Easter!

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