San Diego life style

Leaving home to appreciate home

Day after day in paradise can cause blindness. You don’t notice the beautiful ocean sunsets. You just expect the restaurants oh my goodness so many restaurants. You plan on quick drives to the stores and easy to the gym and workout. So many outdoor activities and great weather to enjoy them of course.

Getting away from home let’s you see how different life is in other places. Often not seeing the sun let alone sunsets for days.You actually have to cook because restaurants are few and far between. One way drives to stores can take an hour or more. You better have made a good list. Gyms are in your home. Sometimes outdoor activities are not possible. Big rooms in houses for the kids play room literally …all the things we do outside. It makes you think …don’t take your lifestyle for granted … It is an amazing life.

People do envy us…they know we have lots of sun. Every person who arrives expects the sun to be shining. I arrived late afternoon the other day and as I got off the plane it was overcast. Such disappointment I could hear with the visitors arriving from the UK. The next day when I saw the sun and how beautiful our day was …I was happy for them. They were going to get the kind of days they were expecting in “sunny California”. Spoiled just plain spoiled and I usually don’t even realize it.

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