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Goodbye Pandas

It seemed like they would be here forever. The San Diego Zoo participated in a program to save the giant pandas from extinction. They came in 1987 for 100 days. Deals were worked out with China and they stayed much longer. The last two Xiao Liwu and Bai Yun will get ready to be returned to China in a couple of days. Bai Yun gave birth to 6 different pandas while at the zoo. The San Diego Zoo happily had a highly successful breeding program.

The good news is the pandas are no longer in danger of extinction. The pandas were on loan and it is time for them to go home. It is a sad day to have the zoo without pandas.

We have an amazing zoo in so many ways. Managing to preserve life from extinction is a super mission of the zoo. I remember when the California Condors were down to just a few birds. Now through the program at the zoo the condors are thriving. I heard the white rhino is down to two animals …both female. The zoo has frozen sperm and eggs and are the hope for possibly preserving the species.

When I was a little girl kids were free at the zoo and entrance fees were low. Many trips to the zoo with my family and school classes have always delighted me throughout my life.Now there are two zoos the downtown zoo with the children’s zoo and the Wild Animal Park where animals roam freely in environments similar to natural habitat.

Of course I am proud of our San Diego zoo and have been a member for years. I gave memorial donations a couple of times. The orangutans display when they were redoing that enclosure. My mother loved them and would watch them for hours. She had a picture of one framed in her den. Also to an outstanding Amazon display in honor of my husband when they were making a beautiful enclosure there.

It feels like there will be a hole in the heart of the zoo without pandas….I wonder what will replace them. I am sure the zoo is working on something. Bye Pandas…safe travels and great life back in China.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Pandas

  1. Sorry that the zoo will be without pandas. I wonder why there wasn’t some sort of an arrangement to keep some of the offsprings at the zoo. The Wild Animal Park and zoo were always wonderful places to visit when I was living in San Diego. Lots of good memories of both places.

    1. I wonder that myself Susan … oh well good memories. I think I heard rumors they are trying to negoiate a new deal. *Peggy*

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      On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 9:23 AM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


  2. I wonder why we didn’t make a deal to keep one male and one female and all the rest would go to China

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    1. I don’t know that would be logical. I think I heard they are working on a future deal. Sounds like it should have been thought out better.

      Peggy Fleury

      On Sun, Apr 28, 2019, 5:17 PM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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