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So yesterday I went to get a lab test to check my thyroid levels. I had taken a slightly higher dose when I took off for Scotland without discussing it with my Doctor. (Bad girl) I had gotten word on my last test results that levels were a little low. I thought well I was feeling a little tired and maybe it would be a good idea to take the higher dose while I was traveling. Anyway I wanted to get back on managed care with real data.

I checked into the lab and told her I was there for my TSH test … she looked up and smiled. She said, “I remember you, you’re so cute.” Hmmm! What is that all about? I often have people say they remember me when I don’t understand why. A lab at Scripps has hundreds of people all the time…So I sat down to wait. She couldn’t possibly remember me.

Then when I got called the receptionist told the gal who was going to draw the blood to ask me what test I wanted. So I told her I wanted to get a TSH test. Then I got it …So I said,”What do you call the test?” She said,”The T-S-H test.” Then I boldly said, “I think TSH sounds better” and then I smiled. All I can say is she didn’t have a sense of humor. She said, “I want to be professional and don’t want to lose my job.” OMG.

I swear I think I have heard others call it a TSH test. But, now I get it I was being remembered as that cute little old lady who calls it by the wrong name.

Guess what I am going to keep calling it TSH. Might as well keep up my reputation and be remembered again and again. Maybe I should feel bad about being laughed at but instead I think it is funny. I AM a little old lady who does and says crazy things. So keep smiling …Keep laughing it’s just me.

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