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My Favorite Billboard

I have been driving past this billboard for several days in my Pacific Beach home. I keep thinking how perfect this is for my beach town. Play is our town motto.

Play on the sidewalks, play in the front and back yards. Play up on the balconies. Play along the boardwalk and down on the beaches. One of the challenges is to keep up with the new inventions and ways to play. We have boats, motor and sail, kayaking, stand up paddling, water skiing, wake boarding, kite flying behind your boat and so many current and newly invented ways to play in water.

Old fashioned just jumping and playing in the waves, surfing, tidepooling, fishing. Hanging out with friends at sidewalk cafes and sports bars. Listening to the live music. Walking and running along the beach. Stopping to watch the sunset, beach parties and building sand castles…my favorite dig a hole all the way to China until you find water and it fills up your hole. Stopping to watch the surfers and the splashing waves.

I am sure it is a hard and fast rule in Pacific Beach absolutely NO ADULTING!!! Only the young at heart may stay and play here!

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