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May Day Memories

Hopefully you had at least one Maypole dance in your life. I remember doing it when I was very young. Dancing around weaving in and out with long (for us crepe paper ribbons) wrapping around the pole. Then reversing it and unwinding the ribbon ..all to music. It was such a spectacular event. The incredible thing about this activity is that it is an international experience with some variety on the use of the pole in different countries. It is also a tradition that is over 600 years old. I hope some people around here still do it … maybe crazy but so much fun.

My thoughts as a teacher was that it was beyond my ability to organize and put together so I never did it with the kids.

I still wanted them to have fun so I always brought lots of flowers to school on May Day. Then we created paper baskets with long handles to go around doorknobs and filled them with flowers. They looked beautiful. Then the hard part was teaching them they were not for them.

I told them to choose someone in the neighborhood to give them to. They had to know the person was home, sneak up to the door and hang the basket around the door knob then ring the doorbell or knock on the door and run away and hide. Then watch the neighbor open the door and find the flowers.

If that wasn’t possible they could leave them on their own door. Hopefully as a surprise. Knock on the door and run away. They were always so excited about knocking and running away. It’s true I taught them to play door bell ditch. Such a bad influence but so much fun. Happy May Day.

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