San Diego life style

Code 4

I sure love my neighborhood. It has been growing and developing more and more into a caring and fun filled place. I hear people laughing and talking and enjoying life all the time.

Even the youngest little guy shouts out “hi” to me when he sees me. Last night they proved again that you can count on them and they are there in a heartbeat to help. I was sitting on my couch when I heard a women screaming …help! help!

It took me a minute to realize this was a real call for help. By the time I headed out my door to see what was happening several of the guys were already running to the rescue. It was across the street. A guy across the street got his hand caught when the hood of the car fell on it. They weren’t able to get the hood lifted up to free his hand and he was in a lot of pain.

By the time I got down to the situation. I heard thank yous and relief that things were resolved. At that moment I realized I had left the house without my phone. I called across to Bryan our retired lifeguard …Are any phone calls needed? He signaled by tapping his hands together above his head(The divers signal for ok) and yelling code 4 …no need. Then he said it is ok Peggy thanks. That was new to me…some rescue workers code.

I definitely feel safe in my neighborhood …I know for sure they would be there in a minute.

My poor kitty keeps getting rescued. He probably thinks here I go again. Some sweet young gals are always finding him and reading his collar. Then knock on my door to tell me where they found my lost kitty. I always say thank you. They don’t know he likes to go out exploring and he always comes back. I will never turn down a rescue …I just let them know I appreciate it. Happy living in my beach home.

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