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Holocaust Remembrance Day

So important to stop and remember such a devastingly sad time in human history. I don’t understand how such cruelty could happen. I don’t know how to hate the amount of hate that would allow a person to participate in such a horrible treatment of your human beings.

I remember watching Stephen Spielberg’s movie “Schindler’s List”. I will never forget the ending scene scanning past the piles and piles of shoes. The movie ended and I could not move and I could not talk. I was just overcome with so much sadness. I had to be helped to stand and leave the movie theater.

I was so proud of my granddaughter when she participated in the March of the Living. That is an annual March in Remembrance of the Holocaust to Auschwitz by teenagers from around the world. Such a hard and important thing for them to see and experience.

Remembering and feeling the reality of such an unbelievable horror matters. I so wish it brought change. I wish the world vowed …never again. Alas that is not so. Hatred such an irrational poison.

So maybe this is silly but, I believe in love. My life ambition is to spread love and understanding. “Love conquers all?” …I hope so …What I owe to myself is that I work to build a loving world wherever I am and however I can. In remembrance of holocaust day … I will make a special effort to spread the love to all I encounter. …Today and everyday for the rest of my life.

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