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Always bet on the Long Shot

I love going to the races. It is kind of a family tradition. My uncle and my grandfather used to come to visit from Los Angeles when the Del Mar race season was in full swing. I would hear the discussions. … how much did you lose? Or how much did you win?

My Mom and Dad loved the races and I even went to the races with my dad after my Mom died. I loved it because I won $180 in a boxed exacta. I told my Dad…he said did not…but yep I did. Apparently he had never won that much. So I took everyone out to dinner on the winnings.

So of course it was kind of my job to teach my kids and grandkids to go to the races. But they kind of lost interest when they didn’t win…So no continued tradition here.

Today was the best race. The Kentucky Derby…It has the best traditions…beautiful ladies, fantastic hats, mint juleps and I love when they sing My Old Kentucky Home. It is just full of excitement. I chose my favorite horse and a good jockey and my favorite trainer.and got ready to watch. Al the commentators were discussing the odds …why this horse is more likely to win then that horse etc.

Then the race began and I couldn’t believe it a horse named Country House was running like crazy. Of course I said to myself what all polished race attendees would say …he won’t last. He’s going to run out of wind and fall behind. Well that didn’t happen he just kept going. At the end the favorite won but I was still thinking …wow those exactas and trifectas are going to be something with a 65-1 horse in them.

Then the craziest of all. …an objection was waged against the winner. After 20 minutes of deliberation the first placed horse was disqualified and the 65-1 horse won the Kentucky Derby. That’s insane.

That reinforced my belief and will encourage me to continue my habit of always placing a bet on the long shot. That is my extra bet. I study, reason, read what the commentators say to help me decide and make my best guess as to which horse should win and then bet that way. What a joke …any one is possible. It was fun to see the Long shot get the win. I am sure there are many upset race fans

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