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Family History on Mother’s Day

I often hear people say no one in my family cares about our family history. That is a mistake to believe that is so. Eventually everyone gets curious about who they are and where they come from.

The problem is our busy lives gives little time to listen and discover the stories from our families and about ourselves. Many family treasures are lost … old pictures, old stories when family members don’t know what to do with them. The unfortunate thing is that often they end up in the trash…tossed away and lost forever.

Our modern lifestyle has taken away the around the table talking time when the old family stories were told. Electronics have invaded our lives and stolen the original pictures …now never printed into a hard copy. Pictures on computers …not saved …lost when computers are changed. Now saved on memory sticks so easily lost or in the cloud.

Sitting down with your children showing them photos of themselves as babies, toddlers and etc is not a common past-time. Telling them the funny stories about the crazy things they did as they were growing up …lucky is the family that takes the time to do that. Understanding ourselves needs the past and what life was like for our parents, grandparents and further back.

We need to make a conscious effort to talk with the most senior members of our families and get their stories before they are lost. I have often heard I wish I had asked questions and learned from my grandparents. Senior citizens love to sit around and reminisce about the “good old days”…don’t fail to listen to them. Someday when they are gone you will want to remember and share their stories.

Mother’s Day is a great time to talk, listen and probe for information about the family and their memories. Don’t miss the opportunity. No tv ..face to face communication. A Mother’s Day gift for all. Later organize the old photos and records and store for the future.

For those without heirs to hand them to remember the historical societies in every community. They want those photos and records for their libraries. Even online “Remember when” groups for many communities around the world are asking for old photos. Memories from the past are treasures for all.

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    1. Me too … it really is the perfect opportunity… Way more valuable than any other gift.☺ *Peggy*

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