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Best Pizza

Filippi’s Pizza has been my home pizza stop for decades. It is so much fun to have a spot you know and love that does not change. The exact same location, the same menu, many of the same waitresses. The same painting on the wall.,the same red checkered table cloths. The same Chianti bottles hanging from the ceiling.

When Bruce died the family got together here. We ordered a bottle of Chianti and wrote his name on the side. I assume it made it to hanging from the ceiling. I never spotted it.

From our first dates and get togethers with youth group friends our restaurant stop was on this hundred block across the street. It was a restaurant called Casa Amore.

Eventually they closed and in1968 Filippi’s opened. We continued to meet friends and family at Filippi’s. We have been regulars ever since. Both of our boys were born by the time Filippi’s opened and we were families enjoying Filippi’s instead of the couple we were at Casa Amore.

We would tell them how we used to eat across the street. Filippi’s style pizza is the kind they were raised on. My kids have known for the plus twenty years since Bruce died when we want to remember and think about their Dad to suggest we meet at Filippi’s.

One our first get-together with Shoshanna as a baby when we introduced her to Bruce’s sister was at Filippi’s. I am sitting here now enjoying a torpedo sandwich and most of all the beach crowds meeting …Family and friends just like I always did. They are the best. Definitely all sentimental value. …so glad it is still here.

There was another pizza place, Pernicano’s and it was part of my teenage and young adult life. It was fun and I also enjoyed going there…It is not as special to me because I went there with several different dates and it was not so directly connected to my husband and family. Pernicano’s was fun and especially Johnny Pernicano. He sat at the piano and sang..flipped pizzas and entertained the little kids. He loved the little kids. It was not that long ago that I stopped in and saw Johnny in his eighties still playing, singing and smiling away.

An amazing guy. Sadly Pernicano’s is now closed. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to Filippi’s. It’s so neat to keep some things in your life the same. Love my Pacific Beach home.

2 thoughts on “Best Pizza

  1. I also like Filippi’s. Where in the beach is Filippis? I thought I knew about most businesses in PB, but I don’t remember Filippi’s.

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    1. It’s in the middle of the block between Cass and Bayard on Garnet..North side. It has been there for years. It opened 1968 ..maybe after you had left the beach.

      Peggy Fleury

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