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So glad we take the time to think about our mothers. I saw several posts on Facebook of our mothers who are no longer with us. Our memories of the most important person in our lives. The pictures were so nice and I enjoyed seeing my friends’ Moms. I also saw some fun pictures of our kids. Those that made us Moms.

Being a mother is an amazing thing. It has been such a fabulous gift to me. I learned so much after I became a Mom. As a young teacher who loved kids but didn’t have my own children I was so mistaken about my attitudes toward the parents. Always why don’t the child’s parents …do this or that? Luckily I wasn’t a childless teacher for long. After I became a Mom I realized the importance

of home life and family time. I had no concept of what it was like to live with a child 24/7.

I took back all the responsibility for teaching to MY classroom. I took back the responsibility for all discipline in my classroom. I realized it is impossible for a parent to know what is happening in the classroom and what triggered whatever issues. I rarely gave homework that would eat up family time. I learned that the most important learning takes place outside of the classroom with friends and family. The home is where we learn who we are and can explore our interests and talents. I always said ” yes” to parents taking their children on trips and missing out on class time. I assured parents that I believed that was way more important.

Thank God I became a mom. I can’t imagine missing out on motherhood. It made me a better person in everyway. Reaping the joys of being a mom with a holiday one day a year is neat.

Taking time to hang out together with our kids and moms is a great experience. Isn’t it amazing how much we appreciate our moms when we look back at our life and see their hand in shaping and supporting us.

I thank my children for the privilege of being their mom. They are the big gift for me ..The fulfillment of being a woman and discovering so much about myself. Can’t imagine life without my kids. Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday that encourages us all to reflect and enjoy…a really special day.

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