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Parking in Front of your House

I’m reminded of living in Bay-ho next to a lady who had some possession issues. We had four different cars, two teenage boys and all of us had our own cars. Luckily we had a big drive-way but a car or 2 parked on the street. When our friends came over they would always find a place on the street. Our crazy neighbor believed the parking in front of her house belonged to her. She would come raging over to our house saying she was going to call the police if we didn’t move our cars. I’ll just say …we weren’t known for cooperating with her.

Now I live at the beach where parking is mostly impossible. Occasionally I will step out of my house on my way to somewhere and notice a person has just parked. I find them looking like they expect me to say something about parking in front of my house. Never happen! Realizing their concern I usually smile or say something so they know I am fine with where they are parked.

Well today I looked out my window and had to laugh. Workers for the building across the street had set up their work station in the parking in front of my house. So I thought hmm …entertainment for the day. I listened to them talking and laughing as I moved about my day.

Eventually I had to leave and I asked them if they could move some of their things so I could back out. I told the guy my aim isn’t very good. I heard a guy from inside the truck cracking up. If only they realized it is true. They helped me back out of my driveway. Unfortunately after I left I realized I had forgotten something and I was back. They helped me again …we all were smiling and giggling about my bugging them again.

As I drove away I thought about my neighbor in my last neighborhood and I wondered how on earth she would have handled workers in the parking places in front of her house. I think she would have ended up hospitalized.

Beach life is a shared life … enjoying people living and actively outdoors around you is part of it. As for me, I love all the action.

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