San Diego life style

Too Much Rain

So I know we need rain for our plants. I know we need rain for lakes, rivers and our water supply. I know we need rain…. but I am done with rain. Rainbows are nice…even double rainbows. But not that nice.

I need sun to be happy. I need sun to feel energetic. I need sun to feel healthy. I don’t want my vitamin D from a pill. I want vitamin D from the sun. If the weather doesn’t bring me sunshine soon I might need to go shopping and buy special lights to make me feel better. Then I can pretend the sun is out. That is crazy!

The sun has always shone on my life. I am only now realizing how dependent I am on sunshine. My plans for almost everyday include outdoor summer-like activities. I often wake up to clouds but they clear and the sun comes out.

Occasionally I have played in the snow…but I don’t like to hear that near the end of May it is snowing in our San Diego mountains. That is just wrong. I heard someone say if it keeps raining on and off like it has been so far this year we might not have a fire season this Fall. Hmm that does sound like a positive.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. That has always been the official beginning of summer around here. I went to pick up a pizza around 4pm today and there were parking places right in front of the pizza place. What ?…I usually have to drive around looking for a spot to park. People were just not out because it was raining.

I saw a Dad pulling a wagon with his three little kids sitting under an umbrella. But the Dad was out in the rain pulling the wagon getting soaking wet. He didn’t have a rain jacket to cover himself…we usually don’t need such a thing. Our usual outdoor isn’t happening right now.

So I have been trying to be a good sport and not complain about no sun..finished… no more good sport. Now I am complaining…where is my sun and warm sunny days? Where is my walk on the beach time. I want to lay on a beach towel and fall asleep in the warm sun. Come on summer …bring on the sun. Is there such a thing as an Indian Sun dance? Sun sun sun!!!

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