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Happy Sunny Day

The sun came out and it was a gorgeous day. It was time to head down to the bay. There was a light breeze and I found it was a perfect day for kite surfing. The beach was nice and warm. Time to stretch out my towel and lay down on the sand. Oh it feels so good to soak up the sun on the warm sand. Truly heaven.

I looked up and there was a big kite above me. I looked around and found a kite surfer.Then the kite surfer let his kite touch the sand. In a few minutes he came over to grab it and start packing his kite up. It definitely takes him a bit of effort to play with his kite in the breeze. It sure did look like fun.

He wondered if I was from around here. I explained that I had lived right here for most of my life. He said he noticed that when people are from here they stay. He apparently had lived in several different places. He said usually people from other places talk about where they would like to live and they talk about moving there. Here people say they are never moving. People are happy to be living here. He said his wife is from Brazil. They will take their children to visit but then he got a big smile and said my kids will be like you. They will live here and stay here because it is the best place on Earth. That’s pretty neat.

Pretty soon several kite surfers showed up and a couple of families. Time for them to play on the beach. One of the Dad’s made me chuckle…He was talking to his daughter about mermaids. Checking to see if she spotted any mermaids. They were going to build a castle for the mermaids. How funny.

Happy day..great way to start Memorial Day weekend. So super to find the sun.

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