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Kindness Day…143 Day

Thinking about how powerful such a simple act is …being kind to one another. I was impressed that Pennsylvania made May 23rd their first annual “143 day” a Day of Kindness in honor of Mister Rogers. I wasn’t a fan but I know many kids were and he was a positive force in their lives.

Why 143? The number 143 was significant to Mr Rogers. It was shorthand for one of his favorite phrases…”I love you.” (The numbers represent the numbers of letters in each word of the phrase.)

Pennsylvania was Mr. Rogers home state. They created the day to encourage people in Pennsylvania to embrace the spirit of kindness by doing something kind for their neighbors. I like that and wish we all thought that way. Pennsylvanians were asked to spread the love and share their acts of kindness using the hashtag “#143DayInPA.” As of Friday 16,397 acts had been posted. For those looking for ways to connect with their neighbors the organizers had provided an online “Kindness generator” with endless ideas.

The statewide day of kindness was intended to counter all the negativity that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Mr Rogers encouraged his listeners…”Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person.” Wouldn’t that be neat if we were sharing kind words …Reminders to be kind…that’s not a bad idea.

At schools we encourage kids by giving tickets to kids caught in an act of kindness. Kindness is something to be taught and rewarded until it becomes an automatic habit. Living in a kind environment is such a great place. When they are encouraged to think about kindness they come back from recess breaks with stories of kindness instead of tattling on classmates about unhappy behaviors. Being kind is so important…It changes our life and the world around us.

I like to make a special effort to be kind to those who have no idea about kindness. Don’t you think we should make everyday “143 Day.”

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