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Only One Flag Flying on Our Block

Bryan our retired lifeguard and Vietnam Vet came down to complain that he was the only one on our block flying the flag on Memorial Day. So I told him the only flag I owned was one from my home where I grew up on Law St. Problem was it is a 48 star flag. He That’s ok let’s fly it anyway. So I went in and got the flag out of it’s protective case and gave it to him. He headed back to his garage to fix a flag pole for me and to prepare the flag. He was gone for quite awhile. Eventually he came back with a flag on a pole…some duck tape …and he handed me my flag from Law St. He said he was going to work on getting me fixed up proper later. In the meantime he told me to put my flag back in the protective box. He hung the other flag up next to my garage with duck tape. That made him Happy that at least two flags were flying on our block.

What’s wrong with everyone?… he asked. I had no answer. I asked him do you remember how everyone was flying flags right after 9/11? I think we need a cheer leader like Bryan to remind us what is important to do.

For sure the neighborhood is back in action after the cold miserable weather. Everyone was out …hanging out, laughing and chatting and finally enjoying the sunshine.

Newsflash we have a gopher. Oh no!! First he was poking up from one hole…cute video of the little guy…Now there are two holes and the holes are moving towards my house. Oh dear!!

The guy next door went to buy traps and stuff to start a war on the gopher. His kids are excited. I told him there was a gopher at school where I taught. The gopher got into the student’s garden. Ate lots of roots and many of the plants died. So eventually the custodian got a hammer. One night the custodian got the hammer and hit him on the head. No more gopher. Problem is he doesn’t really want to hurt he gopher…big problem. I ran out of popsicles for the kids. Big disaster had to make an emergency run to the store. So much fun in the neighborhood…Everyone happy to see each other and hang out chatting in the sunshine.

Fly those flags.

2 thoughts on “Only One Flag Flying on Our Block

    1. Bryan was pretty much responsible for making that happen. He is planning on putting up a flag pole for me so I can put the flag up in the future.🤗

      Peggy Fleury

      On Mon, May 27, 2019, 8:32 PM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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