San Diego life style

Rock and Roll Marthon

Another year of runners from around the world …bands and music at every water station. It has got to be the best run anyone could join. Today is perfect …no sun …comfortable temperatures.

I got up a couple of years at 4am to man the Parrothead water station. It was quite an experience. Set up a Jimmy Buffet style stop with Parrothead music blasting for the runners as they flew on by grabbing a paper cup full of water. The Jimmy Buffet fans were not too focused to fail to exchange the fins up sign. I held my arm out for hours holding those water cups…silly me I didn’t think about the sun and got a pretty good sunburn on that arm. It was a pretty neat time…made me happy.

Now this morning I am cancelling my early morning plans and switching them to after 2pm plans. The traffic surrounding this marathon is always absolutely crazy. It is one of two days that I choose to stay home due to crowd issues..the other is the 4th of July. Not a bad deal for the fun of beach living. I am glad that we have so many fun outdoor activities …Rock and Roll Marathon keep on coming.😎

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