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School’s Almost out ..Retirement Parties Begin

Retirement parties for teachers . After years of teaching they decide it is time to stop and relax. So exciting. For years they have been seeing and buying things while thinking how it would work in their classroom. Walking away from schools and education takes planned new activities for them. A new plan for teachers…how to use their skills and talents in a place outside of schools. Volunteer groups often have many retired teachers. Adult education classes are perfect places for retired educators. Teachers are lifetime learners and find retirement gives them the chance to learn new things.

Retired teachers travel. You find that tour groups usually have a fair number of teachers. Each year a fresh group of teachers …now retired…are volunteering and participating in the community. I have often heard the comment…most of the people volunteering here are former teachers. All that talent freed up and ready to serve. Can you imagine teachers retire to sit at home, watch tv and not get involved in their community? Of course not!!

Welcome them to your groups …you will be happy at the energy and dedication they bring. Get ready… here come the retired teachers…it’s a whole new world for them.

Retirement …retirees from all careers…at the beginning of an exciting next phase of life. They are a long way from the rocking chair.

One thought on “School’s Almost out ..Retirement Parties Begin

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