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My Canadian Citizenship

Two years ago I got my citizenship and became a Canadian. It was the 150 year celebration of Canada and so the logo for that event is on my citizenship paper. A whole new world opened up for me. My mother and father were born in Canada so that gave me a birth right for Canadian citizenship. When I realized that… I got busy and requested my citizenship. Six months later my citizenship papers arrived in the mail…I was so excited.

Next I started looking to see where I would like to be in Canada. It did not take long before I realized it was Vancouver Island that was calling to me. Then I got on Home Away to find a place to rent while I tried living in Canada. So first I looked at Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Most of what I saw was condos in several story buildings. I couldn’t really imagine that so I found a town near the Victoria Airport called Sidney. I started looking and found a cute apartment above a garage in a cul-de-sac. It was a perfect one bedroom recently done and just perfect for me.

This summer will be my 3rd summer staying in the same place. I am getting excited to return at the end of the month. It really has become a second home. Maybe it is because of my heritage but I feel I belong there. I do not feel like a stranger or a foreigner. I feel Canadian. That is my plan for this summer…to kick back and live Canadian.

I know so many places I love and will return to. I have my favorite nail place…my exercise place. Places where I love to walk and enjoy the incredible beauty. Places where I hang out and talk with the people I meet. Canadians really are the friendliest people…it is so relaxing to be with and interact with them. A cup of coffee and an hour or two chat with a total Canadian stranger is one of my biggest joys.

Then the special thing about now is that it stays light until 10pm. I love that. I don’t want to be one to waste daylight. So after my evening meal it is time to go back out for some entertainment. There are several bars with live music and so back I go to be entertained…such a happy experience. Wonderful musicians and happy people enjoying the evening. My only complaint about Sidney is that the people go home too early. I want to say 10pm but truthfully it is more like 8pm. Last year I found the one place that stayed open past 10 ….but few people. So different than the schedule in my hometown.

The nature around is magnificent amazing harbor views…greenery forests, canyons and snow topped mountains. Last year I didn’t see as many deer as I did before. Hope I find more this time. Cougar and bears are also part of the wild animal population. Of course the ocean full of all kinds of animals and different whales…I’m ready for the joys of being Canadian. I am so blessed.

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