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My Uncle Glen and D-Day

In the picture he is hugging his sister and being goofy. This is how I remember him. The youngest in my father’s family. He was so much fun…there was always lots of laughing and teasing when he was around. My father was the second youngest and he and Glen had a special connection best described as lots of giggling. I always felt happy when I was around Glen. Everyone in the family felt the same. He was just plain fun. He married a beautiful lady and had 4 sons and finally 1 daughter.

So I was quite shocked when I learned about his activities in WWII. He was a medic and on D-day he landed at Normandy beach with the group. He worked his way up and down the beach 3 different times trying to save the soldiers. He earned a purple heart and more medals. I couldn’t believe it. Not once had I heard him talk about the war. Apparently he shared with his boys.

I still can’t imagine that happy go lucky good natured guy dealing with such a horrific scene. He was a good man and I assume there must have been pain in the memory. I admire how he came back and brought joy to his family and all.

His nephew described the scene when his Mom and siblings were lined up looking over the rail at the train station for him and his arrival. They missed seeing him but, he spotted them and snuck up behind them and scared the heck out of them. His nephew described all the squealing and shouting and hugging. He definitely was loved and missed. Even in the telling by his nephew I couldn’t help but smile I could imagine the fun he had surprising them. On this 75th anniversary of D-day I want to remember my Uncle Glen and honor him and all the men who served with him. I really hate war and killing. Wish it wasn’t part of the world and how we deal.


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