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The Innocence of Children

I realize I have spent my whole working life hanging out with children. I love listening to their perspective on life. Getting into their minds and how they see things is so refreshing. The truth is they have protected me from the ugliness and cruelty of some parts of my world. They allowed me to live with beautiful innocent thoughts. INNOCENCE such a fabulous state of mind…oh my god I love their innocence.

One of my principals watched me teach and then later asked me how can you stand their endless questions. Are you kidding …I thrive on those questions. Those questions give me clues into what they understand and misunderstand. Questions help me know what to say next to guide their thinking into understanding.

Another principal after watching me teach called me at home to apologize. She had gotten so involved in what was going on with the kids and their questions she had failed to take notes. She was apologizing for not giving me written feedback. We laughed and I was glad she enjoyed, like I do, kids and their thinking.

Leave me in the world of kids. I don’t want to grow up. I want to talk and listen…I want to keep my thoughts child-like..excited about the world and unable to understand reasons for cruelty, abuse and hate…unable to understand waste and destruction of our world. Kids so easily sharing, loving and accepting.

Take a look and learn from them. They can teach us a lot about living . They know how to love…trust and give. I want to always enjoy their innocent thoughts and questions. They make me laugh out loud. Thanks to them I am regularly renewed by their unique looks at the world. Hooray for innocence…it’s ok I don’t mind being innocent about things in this world.

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