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Actually watched an entire Basketball Game

I was hoping the Canadian team, The Raptors would win the NBA championship. Everyone in Toronto was so excited. The game was played in Toronto …it was very close but alas they lost.

The game was after all invented by a Canadian and it seemed fitting that a Canadian team would win. O Canada was sung at the start …crazy … people are so used to American teams in the play offs.

I asked my younger son if he was watching the I told him a Canadian team might win. CANADA?? He was shocked. My other son at least knew the name of the Canadian team. Basketball was not a big game in our house when they were growing up.

My first encounter with a basket ball fan was my Junior High math teacher. He was from Indiana and the game was popular there. Now my step-grandchild has been playing basketball. He asks to be excused so he can watch games.

Probably the last whole game I watched was the San Diego State Aztecs when George Zigenfuss was coach back in the 1960s. I actually attended the games and they were really exciting.

As time went on I learned to watch the last 2 minutes of games as I flipped the tv and found them. The last two minutes was usually the most exciting. Well now I am stuck…I will have to watch the next game.

Maybe if I wear my Canadian sweatshirt and put the Canadian flag in my window they will win. It would be so much fun to see the Canadians win. Go Raptors.

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