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Let’s Go Barefoot

One of the joys of summer is you can go barefoot. Take off your shoes. Being barefoot is so freeing. It allows you a whole new set of sensations.

I used to let students take their shoes and socks off and we would go on “barefoot walks.” They would get so excited. Then we would come back and talk about what we felt with our feet. Remember when you stepped on the sand and felt it so hot that you started hopping around and hurrying to a cool spot. You feel texture…smooth and rough…bunches of things big and small moving under your feet. Connecting with the earth for sure.

And oh how fun to feel all the comes between your toes. Mud oozing between your toes. Sand all around your feet and in between your toes. Making fun footprints as you go. Feel the cool water on your foot and running in between your toes. Your feet come alive with sensations. Many believe how really healthy it is to walk bare feet. They call it grounding…reconnecting with the earth through our feet. I don’t know but I sure know how fabulous it feels.

Summer just seems like a time when you don’t need shoes. Go barefoot. You can walk for a long time barefoot. No uncomfortable shoes rubbing your feet in painful ways. Ditch the shoes…if you walk on streets and sidewalks you will learn what it means to be a tenderfoot. You will find …calluses build up on your feet in certain places. Then tenderfoot no more…just a tough natural walker enjoying the journey.

Inside the house is a great place for bare feet. Why do you need shoes inside. Stepping on soft carpet and other great flooring.

Then one of my favorite places to walk barefoot is outside on freshly cut grass. I love how that feels. Some believe this is a particular therapy and recommend a daily walk on grass. All I know us it does feel really good. I have unfortunately encountered an occasional bee who was none too happy when I stepped on it.

Another cool part about going barefoot is you can curl up your legs and scoot them on your seat and sit on them. Oh man I love to sit that way. So come on now get barefoot and start feeling so much more. Enjoy.

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