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NBA champions Eh!

It was fun to watch the Canadians have so much fun winning the basketball championship. The excitement swept across the entire country of Canada. Not being a major follower of basketball didn’t matter I still got roped into watching the games anyway.

Isn’t it crazy how the teams representing different areas have players with almost no connection to the towns. The Raptors had 1 Canadian on their team. The hockey championships with the Stanley Cup also ended this week. The St Louis Blues won…they had 21 Canadians on their team. St Louis went nuts cheering their champions. Sports business is interesting… definitely not about the local athlete . It was exciting to have Kwahi Leonard a San Diegan …from SDSU on the Rapture team and to have him named MVP. A local connection for me.

There is something about winding up all the excitement and bringing everyone together cheering that is pretty neat. I certainly love joining in. Now that it is done. I can go back to being minimally interested in basketball and excited about all my other adventures. Time to head up to “We the North” and have my next adventure living in Canada for the summer.

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