San Diego life style

Officially the Start of Summer

San Diego lifeguards put out the David Buoy today. That is a local Ocean Beach tradition to see this buoy. It is one of 8 swim buoys lifeguards put out about 200 yards from the shore along the beaches from Ocean Beach to North Pacific Beach. They are placed as a target for swimmers to head to and swim around. Lifeguards say about 10,000 swims out and around happen every summer.

Our beach towns each have their own character. Ocean Beach has a history of involved and unique places and people. Fun loving and free thinking their sense of humor sets them apart. So the first swim buoy that gets put out at the end of the pier every year is lovingly called David Buoy. It is orange and local OB businesses have written on it.

The David Buoy was put out today. So it is official… it is summer. Yeah … SUMMER! The buoy will be there all summer. You can’t miss it …it’s an attitude in our latitude.!

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