San Diego life style

Shred It Again…love this event.

This is the largest and best organized place to shred your paperwork. It is sponsored by SDCCU and held in the stadium. I love how they do it. Stay in your car and several people along the way direct you to the shredding spot. So many working the event that it runs like clockwork. You get to a spot midway along the route and they offer you a bottle of water. Lots of thank yous for coming to the event and shredding your papers. Oh my I just want to thank them for being here and taking the paper piles.

A little excitement today. The fire trucks came. I looked over and saw the firemen pouring water on a pile of paper. They were raking and pulling already shredded paper out of the truck and onto the ground. Smoke was billowing out of the truck and off the pile. Looks like they diverted a big deal and saved the day. Everyone was calm and it almost seemed like this was a routine event.

Unfortunately too much paper invades my life. I really need the shredding event many more times. I have tried other shredding events …I had to get out of my car and they charged me. This one is free. I will keep my eyes out for future times and mark my calendar. It is by far the best shredding happening in San Diego. Thank you SDCCU.

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