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Dad’s…Happy Father’s Day

I have two thoughts on this day. One how incredibly lucky I was to know and love my Dad. He was an amazing man that I adored and wanted nothing more than to please. He was the hand of justice and fairness. He encouraged and guided me and taught me that I could do anything I wanted. I had no doubt that he loved me and believed in me. Wow … how important was that?

My second thought is that it is not that uncommon for kids to grow up without their Dad. What a tragedy…really a huge hole in their life. I believe in the importance of Dads and their place in a family. I am afraid that isn’t understood and appreciated enough in our society. They are the natural authority figure and role model. The male perspective is an essential one for a complete sense of life. I honor and respect Dads and wish everyone the chance to know of theirs.

My sons lost their Dad in their thirties. As life has moved on I have felt sad several times that he was not here for them to talk with. They needed his input and I could see that. A mother can not replace a Dad … they have found other males to give them insight and advice. But I know they really wanted their Dad. So we talk about what we think Dad would have done or said and remember his wisdom. No one can replace your Dad. Hope you have good memories of the father in your life on this Father’s Day.

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