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Love Those Cousins

I have the privilege of knowing my cousins. Today Facebook posted a memory of some of my cousins. It made me smile and think how wonderful and important they all are to me. Many of us have been together and enjoying each other since we were babies.

Most of my second cousins I got to know as an adult. They all are treasures to me. When I needed them in my life they were there. On the day of my husband’s funeral they and my children were my support surrounding me with their love. Back at my house after the funeral they picked up the atmosphere they got me laughing. Yes laughing and I desperately needed that. It helped me know I was going to be all right.

Later that year I had a cousin reunion. 12 cousins…11 were able to come. We had so much fun …Lots of laughing and hugging. We had not been together in years …sadly we have not all been together again….unfortunately three of my cousins have passed away since then.

Next my adventures took me to be large family reunion in Canada where I met several second cousins.

That began a whole new family chapter in my life. I have hung out with them a lot since then. One cousin and wife came to live with me for three months. Such a great time getting to know them while they adopted a baby in San Diego. Visiting cousins in Canada and having them at my home in San Diego all brought a strong tie…the tie that binds…family. So thrilled to have such fabulous cousins. It just so happened when I got the news that my brother died last year…some of my second cousins were there with me. Hmm it just seemed like that was meant to be. COUSINS a favorite word for me.

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