San Diego life style

Two Countries… Two Places to feel at Home

Just about to head back to my second home. My Canadian home. I am looking forward to spending my third Canadian summer in Sidney, BC. A little life break in a gorgeous space with a people I love. It’s a way to use TIME to recharge and reconnect with myself.

Each summer builds on the summer before …I know the general territory now …I can think in my mind where I like to go and what experiences I want to do again and again. Life …my happy life …left me with a time to live alone. I don’t want to waste that time. It is a gift to be able to choose and do things just because they make you happy. So much of life is a compromise…and then time is your own. New experiences, new people and the time to dwell. That is old age for me.

And so I am excited to see what is around the corner waiting for me to explore and what people are there for me to stop and meet and spend some time with. I know my life is all about connections …some new and fascinating … some old, treasured and constantly sustaining and supporting me. Life in two places…two countries …such a perfect adventure for me.

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