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The Longest Day of the Year

So I associate sunshine with day. When it is the longest day I think that will mean the most sun. Hmmm …that doesn’t happen in Pacific Beach. It is overcast and gloomy. I don’t need that. But I know everyone in San Diego understands we call it June gloom. Yep many days in June are overcast and gloomy. I am waiting for those days when you wake up and the sun hits you right in the eye. Those are my wake up overjoyed days because hooray it will be a summery day.

Today is the summer solstice. Since the axis of the Earth is tilted some times we are closer to the sun and the day lasts longer. Today is the longest time of daylight.

If you are interested in pagan beliefs this is a special day at Stonehenge. Thousands attend to watch the sun rise above the heel stone and set in the center. These pictures tell me that rules must be lifted on this day. When Gordon and I were there you could not go close enough to touch the stones.

It is curious the reason for the formation. I have seen several places where stones were spaced seemingly to catch some kind of message from the sun relating to time and season. The Druids always show up in the UK with their interesting rituals. We just walked through a Glen in Scotland with standing stones and dancing naked rituals at midnight by the Druids. Fascinating.

What I know for sure is I love it when the days are long. Even when I was a little girl I was thrilled to run back out and play after dinner because it was still daylight. In Canada I do the same thing run back out and play after dinner. Daylight until 10pm.

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