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Purple Trees Line the Street

There are some special trees in Pacific Beach. Every summer I see them, the Jacaranda trees in bloom. The beautiful purple blossoms make a striking eye catching tree. A long time ago the city fathers developing Pacific Beach planted Jacaranda trees along the streets. It was an aesthetically pleasing choice. One is right across the street from me.

Today you can see Jacaranda trees in full bloom lining the main streets of Pacific Beach. Purple all along the street. It always makes me happy …. I want to stop and take pictures. It’s a view I really love especially when the tree is full of blooms. Kind of like the cherry blossoms of Wahington,DC.

I remember when Pacific Beach was building and developing after WWII. The street I lived on was a dirt road when we first lived there. I watched that street, Law St get paved. I watched them make the sidewalks and driveways. Part of the city planning seems to have also been choosing and planting trees.

I have a tree in my front yard that was part of that group planting. My tree is a star pine. As time went on I watched many of the star pines get topped off and eventually get chopped down completely. Everytime I hear a tree being cut down it bothers me. I always hope maybe it is just being trimmed. Many times however they are being completely cut down. Sad to me.

Funny how we get so attached to our trees. I truly love mine.

This week a tragedy happened to a symbolic tree in a park in La Jolla …the tree fell down. Many people were sad about the loss of that particular tree. It was the Lorax tree. It was said to be the one Theodore Geisel, Dr. Seuss, used as his inspiration for his story of The Lorax . The story that was written to point out the need for us to protect our environment.

When I was on the staff of new school…The kindergarten teacher could not bear to have a playground with no tree. She and her husband bought a big beautiful shade tree. Today it is an amazing tree and a favorite place for kids to run around and play.

Glad we have so many trees here in my hometown they are so important.

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