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Canada Days in Sidney

Back in Sidney just in time for the four day celebration and good times. This morning it is absolutely beautiful expect it to stay that way. When I arrived yesterday it was overcast and even a little rain. Tonight is Dinner en Rouge…A really good meal and entertainment outside at the Beacon Street park. Everyone dressed in red and white the colors of the Canadian flag. Last year it rained right in the middle of the meal…crazy we just sat and enjoyed with the rain coming down.

When I checked in with the landlord to get the key to my place I said, “I’m home.” He burst out laughing …but it is true after the third summer back to Sidney and the same apartment it is home.

Spencer, a wonderful autistic young man in twenties, that lives in the cul de sac was apparently anticipating my arrival. Last Friday he came over and asked the landlords if they knew what was happening next Friday .,.after lots of guessing they gave up. He said Peggy is coming back. Funny. When he got back from his job yesterday he saw me and came racing over. He asked me if I knew what he calls me behind my Back? “The Arbay Close Nanny” That’s the name of the street. Then he reported to me how he had been following my advise and doing a good job drinking his water. I scolded him last summer for playing soccer in the street when it was hot and he was not drinking water.

Everything in Sidney is a duplicate of my home in PB even my reputation on the block. On Haines St I am the grandma the neighbors care for and the kids come visit. It is like I picked up my life in PB and moved it to British Columbia , Canada. Somehow I found the perfect fit.

I am really anticipating all the fun and celebration in the next few days. It is so joyous…family oriented and really makes you feel proud to be Canadian. Damn it …I still haven’t memorized Oh, Canada. I will have to study the words. I’ve got the tune down. So I can sing it in my off key style.

Looking forward to sharing this time and this place with my longtime friend Linda Lubach and her daughter Kim. Guess I really am a proud Canadian because I am very proud to join in the amazing way Canadians party and have fun.

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