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Slegg boat building and races

This is the 34th year of this Canada Day activity in Sidney. Draw a design …make the plan and you get $115 worth of materials, you have a three man team, no power tools and 4 hours to complete. Lots of duct tape used in hopes of building a leak proof boat. Then time for the race. Carry your boat down to the water’s edge. Share your team name and red up the crowd to cheer you on..Actual prizes. 1st place $100 for each team member, 2nd place$75 and 3rd place $50. There are trophies to be won…1st to sink, crowd favorite, most creative, etc.

Then the launch into the cold water. The 1st place this year took straight off no issues and paddled into victory. The 2nd was the crowd favorite … one sunk immediately. Another designed by engineers sunk twice not design…lack of boating skills was the problem. On their 3rd try they got it figured out and off they went quite nicely but too late to win. Gorgeous day and tons of fun.

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