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Butchart Gardens

Vancouver Island is an amazingly beautiful place. There are few places on the Island as beautiful as the Butchart Gardens. So we headed there today. I got my membership renewed again. So many reasons to go that I return many times. Every night they have entertainment … Saturdays a special fireworks show. Love the cafes and gift shops. I have noticed the intensity of color increases as the summer continues. Color was good today but I know it will be the strongest in August. A wonderful place.

So we ended up having tea again and now experts…we can compare the Empress tea to the Butchart Gardens tea. The Empress is more formal. The Gardens tea is comfortably relaxed. The Empress $82 while the Gardens $44. More sandwiches and sweets on the Gardens plates. Presentation of sandwiches better on the Empress plates. Huge selection of teas at the Empress with extra charges for some. I liked my tea choice at the Gardens best and in fact I bought it in the gift shop. Teaberry …yummy! Fun old house for restaurant at the Gardens and gorgeous quality hotel for the Empress. Final thoughts you should go to both. They were wonderful and different experiences.

We had a fun chariot to play around with. If you feel a need for help walking up and down the hills get the electric scooter. We had tons of fun with it. Confess we were playing with it and it was fun. Probably not the intention but it was great. Another super visit to the Gardens.

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